A Focus on Print at the Turbine Art Fair

Stephen Hobbs (David Krut)

Stephen Hobbs (David Krut)


Unlike other art fairs where you’re a window shopper in fancy clothes, the Turbine Art Fair actually has works on show that are affordable, and lots of them. In fact the aim of the fair from the start has been to make contemporary South African art more accessible to more people. With this past iteration, TAF further solidified its place in the local arts calendar, filling a much-needed niche in the art market.


Printmaking featured overwhelmingly at TAF this year in general as well as in the booths of prominent SA print studios like The Artists’ Press, David Krut, Artist Proof Studio and Warren Editions. Print and works on paper are generally more affordable, and allow buyers the opportunity to own works by established names as well as exciting emerging artists. Like all fields in art, there are as many styles and permutations of printmaking as there are artists using them. Here are some of our print highlights from this year’s TAF.


Wilma Cruise - The All-Knowing Pig (David Krut)Wilma Cruise - Word (David Krut)
Wilma Cruise, The All-Knowing Pig & Word, Drypoint and chine-colle (David Krut)


Stephen Hobbs - Observatory (David Krut) (2) Stephen Hobbs - Observatory (David Krut) (1)
Stephen Hobbs, Observatory, Hardground, Sugarlift aquatint (David Krut)


Rikus Ferreira - The Flying Dutchman, The Cabinet (Salon 91)
Rikus Ferreira, The Flying Dutchman, The Cabinet, Archival print on Hahnemuhle (Salon 91)


Sanell Aggenbach - Blackbird (Warren Editions)Sanell Aggenbach - Self (Warren Editions)
Sanell Aggenbach,  Blackbird & Self, Monotype (with gold glitter) on Hahnemuhle Copperplate White 350gsm (Warren Editions)


Sam Nhlengethwa - Tribute to Henri Matisse (Artists' Press)
Sam Nhlengethwa, Tribute to Henri Matisse, 9 colour lithograph (The Artists’ Press)


Nolan Dennis - Pax African (Assemblage)
Nolan Dennis, Pax African, Silkscreen (Assemblage)


Ruan Hoffman - Radiation Pressure (Warren Editions)
Ruan Hoffman, Radiation Pressure, Spit bite and lift ground aquatint on Zerkall Intaglio 250gsm (Warren Editions)


Norman Catherine - negotiation (Artist Proof Studio)
Norman Catherine, Negotiation, Linocut (Artist Proof Studio)


Nandipha Mntambo - Hinterlands of Devotion VII (Artists Press) (2)Nandipha Mntambo - Hinterlands of Devotion VII (Artists Press) (1)
Nandipha Mntambo, Hinterlands of Devotion VII, 4 colour lithograph (The Artists’ Press)


Michael Taylor - You're Mine (Warren Editions)
Michael Taylor, You’re Mine, Monotype on Zerkall Intaglio 250gsm (Warren Editions)


Maja Maljevic - Calm (David Krut)
Maja Maljevic, Calm, Linocut, pencil and chine-colle (David Krut)


Lo Makandal - Pod (Kalashnikovv)
Lo Makandal, Pod, hand-coloured monotype (Kalashnikovv)


Mongezi Ncaphayi -  Les Forme Des choses a venir (David Krut) (2)
Mongezi Ncaphayi, Les Forme Des Choses a Venir, Lithograph (David Krut on behalf of Atelier le Grand Village)


Georgina Gratrix - Flowers for I.G.
Georgina Gratrix, Flowers for I.G.,Silkscreen on Zerkall Intaglio 250gsm (Artthrob)


Georgina Gratrix - Bling Boy (Warren Editions)
Georgina Gratrix, Bling Boy, Hard ground on Zerkall Intaglio 250gsm (Warren Editions)


Gary Stephens - Spiral (Assemblage)
Gary Stephens, Spiral,Silkscreen on paper (Assemblage)


Fiona Pole - Noir et Blanc (AOP)  (4)Fiona Pole - Noir et Blanc (AOP)  (3)Fiona Pole - Noir et Blanc (AOP)  (2)
Fiona Pole, Noir et Blanc, Linocut (Gallery AOP)


Claudette Schreuders (Maker) (2)Claudette Schreuders (Maker) (1)
Claudette Schreuders, Third Person, 7 colour lithograph (Maker)


Adrian Kohler - Bamako Audition (Artist Proof Studio)
Adrian Kohler, Bamako Audition, Etching (Artist Proof Studio)


Colbert Mashile - Wow (LL Editions)
Colbert Mashile, Wow, 3 colour lithography on BFK Rives (LL Editions)


Christian Nerf - ...working with Barend... (Warren Editions)
Christian Nerf, …working with Barend… Soft ground etching and aquatint on Zerkall Intaglio 250gsm (Warren Editions)


Chloe Reid - Document 2 (AOP)Chloe Reid - Document 1, detail (AOP)
Chloe Reid, Document 1 & 2 Lithograph, watercolour, pencil (Gallery AOP)


Amber Moir - When you're in blackwater (Salon 91)
Amber Moir, When you’re in the backwater, Watercolour monotype on paper (Salon 91)



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