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100% Talent | A Spotlight on Emerging Local Designers at 100% Design South Africa

100% Talent 100% Design

By Arkivio


Showcasing top global design brands alongside local design brilliance, 100% Design South Africa is taking place from 6 to 10 August 2015 at the Gallagher Convention Centre in Johannesburg. This year they’re also introducing 100% Talent, a showcase aimed at celebrating budding local designers. This is very much in line with what we do here at 10and5, so we decided to get involved. Co-presented by 10and5 and 100% Design, 100% Talent is a curated selection of work by emerging local designers who are setting trends instead of following them.


The criteria when choosing 100% Talent exhibitors, says curator Laurence Brink, was to find exciting products that not only have the x-factor when it comes to creative expression, but possess outstanding quality, originality and are market-ready. “Being selected to be showcased as part of 100% Talent should be a feather in any emerging designer’s cap. It means that they have received the 100% Design South Africa curatorial stamp of approval and that their work can stand toe-to-toe with some of the more established designers and brands on the show”, says Laurence.


The 100% Talent line-up includes a diverse range of innovative homeware and furniture. Below is a sneak peek of what to expect:




Siyanda Mbele is the owner of Pinda, a label that designs and manufactures hand-painted furniture inspired by vivid Ndebele, Venda and Zulu patterns. His natural flair for combining practicality with intelligent design makes his bright stackable tables fun and functional. Siyanda is intrigued with taking traditional two dimensional patterns and turning them into three dimensional products which accounts for the regular geometric elements found throughout his collection. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in interior design from the the Durban University of Technology and is currently part of the 2015 Department of Arts and Culture and SABS DESIGN INSTITUTE Programme in association with Design Indaba.


100% Talent

100% Talent Pinda


Head on Design


As an eco-friendly designer, Joanna Orr is motivated to create work that encapsulates the growing awareness of the fragility of our planet’s resources and the need to appreciate our wildlife. Head on Design, of which she is the creator and founder, will showcase their new functional decor product range as well as launching a new addition, the lion, to their existing animal trophy head range. “I’m excited to be exhibiting the lion at 100% Design. It’s a project I have been working on for a while and I believe it will demand attention with its regal mane,” she says. While their new bamboo giraffe bookshelf adds a delightful touch to any interior space, she adds that she “rarely creates anything without some kind of social or environmental commentary”.



100% Talent Head On Design

100% Talent Head on Design


Green Light District 


Stephen Pikus uses recycled, repurposed and renewable materials to generate light. In 2014, his Bright Spark Light won him first place in the professional category of the Eskom Energy Lighting Design Competition. The versatile lamp can be adapted as a bedside and table light or be worn as a hanging pendant. Since then, he has been designing and manufacturing under the name Green Light District and initiates community based upliftment ventures to help assemble his projects. His other works include his brilliant custom-crafted chandeliers and his repurposed used truck air filters which 100% Design felt, “embodies functional art with a conscience”.


100% Talent Stephen Pikus

100% Talent Stephen Pikus


Louw Roets


The contemporary African furniture and homeware products of Louw Roets incorporate principals of industrial design with an artistic approach to give shape to a new experience or difference perspective of a common object. “Through my design I want to evoke and be part of a society where we design with passion and the human touch is valued, where we forget about what is trending and rather make our work personal”, he comments. Roet’s background in woodworking accounts for the superior craftsmanship and subtle sculptural elements of his pieces, which are made to last a lifetime.


100% Talent

100% Talent Louw Roets




Lance Surgeson and Paul Rabinowitz focus on small batches of slow design and delicate handmade objects. Their beautiful Glass Garden succulent vases are made from nine pieces of glass and cut in their workshop. The creation process is intricate as the glass is taped with an adhesive copper tape and the shell of the vase is put together using the ancient technique of stained glass assembly. Once it has been soldered together with a grid for the succulent to rest in, the vase is oxidised to a black or copper finish, cleaned and polished. They were inspired to focus on Southern African succulents rather than emulate the cacti plant trend and have 100% locally designed, crafted and sourced objects. Arkivio’s latest decorative lighting range called RAW Collection will also be on display.


100% Talent Arkivio

100% Talent Arkivio


Douglas & Company 


Jan and Liani Douglas take a holistic approach to the design and making of contemporary space and interior products including furniture, lighting and objects. With a background in architecture, Douglas & Company’s contextual approach favours simplicity and honest use of material, resulting in a minimalist collection of work that is full of character.  Known for their quirky product names that reference their Afrikaans heritage, they enjoy the idea that their products could easily be characters in a South African TV saga and were chosen by the panel for their “unique aesthetic and fine craftsmanship”.


100% Talent Dpuglas & Co

100% Talent Douglas & Co




Principal designer, Rodan Kane Hart, and his team have developed a range of design permutations based on variations of a modular furniture system developed by ELOFFHART in 2015. Over the last few months HARTDESIGN has strived towards making a furniture solution that does not use any screws or welding to hold it together. This system creates a frame which can be filled and fitted with a diverse range of material surfaces, such as wood, marble and glass. The surfaces and materials can both be made out of different materials such as a powder coated colour range and an interaction made out of solid brass. Rodan is also a practising fine artist and is currently represented by WHATIFTHEWORLD Gallery in Cape Town.


100% Talent Rodane Kane Hart

100% Talent Kodane Kane Hart


Wanga Ngwane


West African Adrinka symbols, technology and material trends are the core influences of Wanga’s 2015 “Cape to Cairo” collection.  He says his “work speaks of functional design with historical elements and is influenced by Avant Garde movements as it has no borderlines to shape its organic form”. Wanga Ngwane’s 100% Talent showcase includes a multi-functional bookshelf made from powder coated mild steel and Alkekbu stools made from coated bent mild steel and plywood. The piece below, called “Nkrumah’s Chair” is inspired by the first Ghanaian president since Africa’s colonialism and combines traditional form with modern materials. Its simple assemblage combined with a single bold colour makes it a sleek eye-catching design piece.


100% Talent Wanga

100% Talent


Blank Ink Design 


Owner and artist, Shaun Gaylard is an architect, designer and artist, who works mostly on large scale projects such as the new phase of the Melrose Arch residential component office buildings in Africa and retail banks. Black Ink Design’s work captures the architectural fabric of cities around the world through hand drawn architectural city guides which are cleverly packaged. He selects twenty-four buildings for each city and then sketches the elevations of each in chronological order. This highlights structural gems and also tells the story of the metropolis through its evolving architectural styles. Gayland’s work is a “celebration of the tradition of architectural drawing” and provides fascinating insights into the fashion, economic and social periods in which each building was constructed.


100% Talent Blank Ink Designs

100 % Talent Black Ink Designs


The 100% Talent showcase is part of 100% Design South Africa, which runs from the 6 – 10 August at the Gallagher Convention Centre in Johannesburg.

More info about 100% Design South Africa.


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