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Apart from releasing music as a solo electronic artist, Markus Wormstorm runs Biblo, a record label/online music library, and Honeymoon Studios, a full service sound studio specialising in music composition and voice over recordings for commercials, films and video games.


It’s through the latter that Markus acts as executive producer for another side project, Honeymoon Podcasts. The podcast series is dedicated to unearthing interesting stories that you’re unlikely to hear at a dinner party – unless you’re listening to the podcasts at a dinner party, of course. Each story is woven with unique music, soundscapes and compositions that add a cinematic element to the experience.


For the first instalment of the series Honeymoon Studios presented ‘Beautiful Lies’ with celebrated South African author Lauren Beukes, who shared her thoughts on internet scammers, like Nigeria’s “Yahoo boys”, who tell lies via email asking for money.


One particular example from someone posing as Grace Mugabe reads: “I know that this mail might come to you as a surprise, as we have not met before. My name is Mrs. Grace Mugabe, the wife of Mr. Robert Mugabe – the president of Zimbabwe. Our country is currently facing international sanction all over the world and my efforts to speak peace to my husband prove abortive because he already has a wrong notion towards the Western nations. As the first lady of our country I have been able to use my position to raise some money from contacts which are deposited with a European diplomatic security company the sum of $35 000 000. Knowing fully that our government will soon be brought down by international communities because of the manner at which things are degenerating in Zimbabwe, I am contacting you because I want you to go to the security company and claim the money on my behalf. I also ask you to please pray for me to survive the internal threats that I am experiencing from my husband, President Robert Mugabe, because as I am sending you this urgent proposal, tears are flowing from my eyes as I am living with a human monster.”


Lauren speaks about the levels of exploitation at play in these types of scams, and how morality fits into the whole scenario. We, as the audience, are so ready to believe these fictions and fabrications because we believe we deserve “the perfect romance” they are crafted to portray. Someone needs us and as such, we feel chosen. Divinely selected, even.


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The second (and most recent) Honeymoon Studios podcast is ‘The Giants of Lesotho’ as told by award-winning journalist, author and political commentator Max Du Preez. The two-part story uncovers the lesser-known history of Lesotho with tales of wise men and warriors, and of an ideology that led to the creation of this fascinating country.


When thinking of Lesotho, many things immediately spring to mind. In recent times it has become a land shrouded in controversy, but way before all of the utterances of coups, water projects and labour issues, lies a gripping secret history of a land filled with larger-than-life personalities. Through the guidance of these leaders, Lesotho withstood attacks from just about everyone ranging from Shaka Zulu, Mantitisi – Queen of the Wild Cat People, The Boers and eventually even the British Empire. It became a beacon of hope in a tumultuous time of famine, wars and cannibalism.


‘The Giants of Lesotho’ begins with a young prince named Mohlomi who, during his initiation, had a miraculous vision in which his ancestors foretell his destiny. The sequence of events that followed lead to the formation of the “Mohlominism” ideology that eventually paved the way to the foundation of Lesotho.


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