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Petite Noir’s Music Video for ‘Best’ Displays the Duality of Africa


As much as Africa is indescribably beautiful, the continent can be raw and unforgiving, and it’s this split identity that Petite Noir’s new music video for ‘Best’ explores. Certain perceptions paint Africa as a dark continent, largely unknown, exotic and distant. On the other hand, there’s the forward-thinking, progressive side to Africa; that which Yannick Ilunga has dubbed the ‘Noirwave’ movement.


These two ways of thinking about the African continent are shown side by side in the video: vibrant traditional outfits stand out in front of foreboding storm clouds, there’s a struggle depicted and Yannick runs restlessly through various landscapes, but there’s also celebration, beauty highlighted in gold, precious stones and lavish costumes, and, in the end, four tribes come together in a ritualistic ceremony that shows Yannick being elevated. In truth, it is only through visiting the continent that anyone can gain a sense of one of its most fascinating features: its duality.


Petite Noir’s upcoming album ‘La Vie Est Belle / Life Is Beautiful’ will be released on 11 September, 2015.




Director: Travys Owen
DOP: Michael Cleary
Digital Art Direction, Animation, Compositing, Colouring: Dylan Wrankmore
Edited by: Lucian Barnard
Art Direction: Rochelle Nembhard
Wardrobe and Styling: Gabrielle Kannemeyer
Hair and Makeup: Amber Recha Caplan and Amori Birch
Focus Puller: Tim Christokat
DIT: Marina Korskowa
Spark: Faud Casker
Photographic Assistant: Jesse Fine
Produced By Travys Owen in association with Domino Recording Co


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