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KFC’s Innovative ‘SoundBite’ Technology Promotes Emerging Local Musicians


In partnership with KFC, Gloo@ogilvy came up with a concept to drive an exciting in-store experience for urban youth. With the increasing emergence of local musicians came a way to engage the brand with its target audience by introducing them to unsigned local artists. Installed in the KFC Willows store in Bloemfontein, the ‘KFC SoundBite’ technology is demonstrated in the case study above.


The in-store technology includes an interactive record table with innovative ‘bone technology’. Using this, customers are able to listen to local sounds simply by placing their elbows on the audio tables – giving them a mesmerizing musical experience without disturbing anyone else in the store. Directional sound speakers are distributed through the store to give customers sitting in booths the ability to customise their music experience by choosing from a vast selection of DMX content via their cellphones. USB charging stations are conveniently situated at tables and screens are used as an interactive point of sale to stream daily specials and content.


On the music component, KFC worked with local artists Lebo Lukewarm, Ginger Breadman, 2Lee Stark as well as Priddy Ugly to launch the SoundBite campaign. While gaining support for local artists, the activation aims to increase return visits to KFC stores by reminding customers that it is still one of the coolest food outlets around.


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Chief Creative Officer: Pete Case

Executive Creative Director: Adam Brandt

Creative Director: Gregory King

Copywriters: Tiffany Morris and Anneke Jacobs

Digital Creatives: Jared Gower and Marina Le Roux

Senior Digital Art Director: Anneke Jacobs


KCF Soundbite


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