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Castle Lite Introduces ‘Ziyabanda’: The First Track Recorded at -2.5°C


Ziyabanda’ is the first track to be recorded at the sub-zero temperature of -2.5°C and comes courtesy of Castle Lite, the only beer lagered at – you guessed it – minus two point five. If you’re wondering how this is possible: the beats are made out of ice.


Known for pushing the boundaries of filmmaking, Lebogang Rasethaba directed a brand film/music video for ‘Ziyabanda’ featuring South African hip hop star Stilo Magolide from Boyzn Bucks rapping to beats produced by Say Thank You.


“I’m known for my capacity to connect with people , but with ice, I couldn’t rely on charm or any other personality gimmicks. I was working with such an unpredictable medium, a medium that didn’t care about me or my bigger purpose about optimistic narratives about South Africa. This piece is purely craft and technique. I want to be a complete filmmaker and this piece shows that I’m growing – it’s good to know for myself on a personal level that I can do stuff like this too,” says Lebogang.


Castle Lite have a continuously fresh approach to branding – they previously brought out the Extra Cold Mind Reader, and who could forget their twerk-activated vending machine? The extra cool collaboration with local artists on ‘Ziyabanda’ is hopefully the first of many more to come.


Download the track here.




Agency: Ogilvy & Mather Cape Town

Production Company: Arcade Content

Directed by: Lebogang Rasethaba

Shot by: Rory O’Grady

Edited by: Julian Redpath


Castle Lite - Ziyabanda (1)

Castle Lite - Ziyabanda (2)

Castle Lite - Ziyabanda (4)

Castle Lite - Ziyabanda (3)


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