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Featured: Mark Reichardt’s Characterful Creations in Mixed Media

Mark Reichardt (4)


Mark Reichardt’s characterful creations depict things like broccoli senseis, the galaxy’s own Jive Ambassadors and the various figures who, according to people on the internet, have been condemned to hell – dinosaurs and Troll Dolls included. His illustrations are equal parts fantastic and strange and his fresh approach has him experimenting with many mediums, often combining ink and watercolour with digital media.


As far back as he can remember Mark has drawn and painted. Growing up, he wasn’t so much encouraged to be creative as art was simply accepted as the area in which he (and his family) thrived. “I was sort of “the art guy” throughout school,” he says. “I’m a pretty quiet person so I think I’ve always been drawn to how creative a person can be on their own.” After studying fine art at Michaelis for a year, Mark is now completing his second year of art direction at Red & Yellow. His talents stretch into the musical sphere, too – he’s one half of the Cape Town duo Cute Couple, having formerly been a member of The Aztec Sapphire.


Looking at his personal work versus pieces created in response to a brief, Mark has noticed that the latter tend to be “all over the place” whereas the drawings he does completely on his own terms contain some reoccurring themes and feelings. In his ink drawings for example, every image signifies something to him and these spill over into all of his personal work, even music.


At the moment Mark is working on more large-scale ink drawings as well as a comic of sorts. He’s also always writing music and expects to release some new Cute Couple tracks soon.


Mark Reichardt (10)

Mark Reichardt (6)

Barney and Desmond in Hell

Mark Reichardt (3)

Mark Reichardt (2)

UnyokeDesign.Spacehelmet copy.Spacehelmetcopy

UnyokeDesign.jive ambassadors copy.jiveambassadorscopy

UnyokeDesign.Jive Ambassadors to the Galaxy copy.JiveAmbassadorstotheGalaxycopy

UnyokeDesign.JiveSurgery copy.JiveSurgerycopy

UnyokeDesign.Afterlife copy.Afterlifecopy


Mark Reichardt (13)

Mark Reichardt (11)

Mark Reichardt (1)



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