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Micr.Pluto’s Music Video for ‘Broken Shadows’ is a Bewitching Sci-Fi Experience


The new music video for ‘Broken Shadows’ by Micr.Pluto (Tshego Nyatlo) is a bewitching sci-fi experience, capturing the expansive feeling of floating in another dimension and luring the viewer with imagery reminiscent of far away space stations and the genesis of intelligent life. The cold colour palette and ambiguous landscapes are eerily beautiful yet unnerving, and evoke a feeling of escapism, dreams and out-of-body experiences.


This magnetic work is released ahead of Micr.Pluto’s Dead Rainbow EP launch and made in collaboration with Vuyo Serote, whose art direction amplifies the nuanced feelings of unease and the mulitplicity of experiencing several things at once. ‘Broken Shadows’ began as an instrumental track before Mikhaela Kruger’s vocals were added, and these inspired the haunting visuals.


The 6-track EP Dead Rainbow is being released through naas on 26 August.


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Vocals: Mikhaela Kruger

Beats: Micr.Pluto aka Tshego Nyatlo

Art Direction: Vuyo Seroto


Micr Pluto 'Broken Shadows' 2

Micr Pluto 'Broken Shadows' 0

Micr Pluto 'Broken Shadows' 3

Micr Pluto 'Broken Shadows' 1

Micr Pluto 'Broken Shadows'


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