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Chocolate Flyers by Publicis Machine Designed to Help You Lose Weight

Did you know that there’s a chocolate flyer that’s designed to help you lose weight? If not, you’re in for a treat. Publicis Machine came up with the concept for a SureSlim weight loss campaign that’s very different to the “before and after” approach we’re used to seeing.

Instead of using paper and ink, the innovative flyers made out of 100% pure chocolate were handed out at food, lifestyle and health expos with a message that read: “If you’re serious about losing weight, bring this delicious chocolate bar to any SureSlim branch and receive 20% off your weight-loss program.”

For those who simply couldn’t resist (and who could blame them?) the agency added another layer: “We see that you’ve given in to temptation. Don’t worry, we’ll help you with that. Bring what’s left of this chocolate bar and we’ll give you 1% off for every block you haven’t eaten. Be strong!”


Executive Creative Director: Gareth McPherson, Jake Bester
Creative Director: Brendan Hoffman, Kenneth van Reenen
Art Director: Brendan Hoffman
Copywriter: Kenneth van Reenen
Designer: Dani Loureiro
Account Management: Jane Mcnamara
Client: Sharon Lewis
Heather Thompson- SOMA Chocolatier
Video and Audio: TinToy Productions

Publicis Machine Chocolate Flyer
Publicis Machine x SureSlim
Publicis Machine x SureSlim
Publicis Machine Chocolate Flyer

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