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The Music Video for P.H.fat and Al Bairre’s Collaborative Track, ‘Cavier Dreams’


P.H.fat and Al Bairre have a new music out for their collaborative track, ‘Cavier Dreams’. The video follows a troubled teen who goes on a rampage wearing a mask and armed with a gun she found in an open safe at home. When she realises the weight of what her actions could lead to she’s forced to find another way to overcome her inner turmoil.

‘Cavier Dreams’ is the first release from 5FM’s Xperia Mashlab where fans are able to vote for the artists they’d like to see work together. Various aspects of the process are shared on air before the completed track is unveiled.


Director: Daniel Levi
DOP: Jamie Ramsay
Editor: Willie Saayman
Cast: Julia Johnson, Tessa Johnson and Graham Clarke
Extras: Susan Clarke, Romeo Mageba, Baren Du Toit, Ted Rollinson, Ruan Östlund, Tshepang Molisana, Rae Lakey, Teresa Bertola, Alexa White, Larece Randall, Anne Campbell, Kaylin Hamann, Vanessa Machill, Luke Bain, Finley ‘Fin’ Schuiling and Katharina Hoppe
Production company: Thread

PH fat x Al Bairre (1)

PH fat x Al Bairre (2)

PH fat x Al Bairre (3)

PH fat x Al Bairre (4)

PH fat x Al Bairre (5)

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