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Discover the Artist: Lakin Ogunbanwo


Classical portraiture and high fashion find a gloriously off-kilter meeting point in the work of Lagos-born photographer, Lakin Ogunbanwo. “I’ve always been interested in form, shapes, silhouettes and body language. While the face can say a lot, I think the body can convey just as much,” he says of his portraits, which often conceal the identity of their subject. Recognising beauty is only the precursor to his images – in order to truly capture the beauty, he believes that a deeper human connection between the artist and model is necessary.

To be unveiled at this year’s FNB JoburgArtFair, Lakin’s new series will provide a glimpse into the many forms of cultural identity expressed in Nigeria by showing traditional Nigerian men’s head gear worn in a modern manner. Ahead of the Fair we teamed up with filmmaker Josh Hayman to delve deeper into Lakin’s vision.

Lakin Ogunbanwo - ArtFair (1)

Lakin Ogunbanwo - ArtFair (4)

Lakin Ogunbanwo - ArtFair (2)

Lakin Ogunbanwo - ArtFair (3)

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