B@N@N@S: The New SS/16 Collection By Crystal Birch


Crystal Birch’s new SS2016 millinery lookbook, B@N@N@S, invites you to step inside a mad lab where kid geniuses and gropey gorillas concoct some crazy visual chemistry. Photographed here by Hanro Havenga, the new range features 9 all-black pieces, embellished with hand-crafted details sourced and assembled on the streets of Jozi. Inspired by Koko, a female western lowland gorilla famous for her sign language skills, Crystal says that B@N@N@S celebrates the spirit of unconventional self-invention that extends beyond the pieces themselves. The glitchy gifs and custom wallpaper are by Lenny-Dee Doucha.

One of the headpieces is called The Koko, and the rest are based on Koko’s family and friends. There’s The Kanzi, The All Ball, The Smokey, The Lipstick, The Love!, The Sunshine, The Bwana and The Mkubwa. The collection is available to order via email, with prices available on request.

Full credits:

Photographer: Hanro Havenga @Lampost
Milliner + Art Director: Crystal Birch
Hairstylist: Karen van Wyngaard @Lampost
Make Up Artist: Lyn Kennedy
Illustrator of Wallpaper: Lenny Doucha
Models: Fatima + Thando @Lampost

AR1A2880 copys

AR1A2933 copy copy


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AR1A2845 copy

AR1A3039 copy copy

AR1A3062 copy copy

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