Riding on the Tide of Youth in a Skate Film by Anton du Preez


Sun-drenched and over-saturated, this mini skate film by local-born, LA-based director of photography Anton du Preez perfectly captures the golden hour of carefree youth. With a nod to Inherent Vice and circa 1970s lo-fi LA aesthetics, Sundrench is a summertime ode to being young, friends and easy living. 

When Globe approached Anton to make a lifestyle video for their new line of clothing and cruiser boards, he decided to team up with LA indie band Sun Eggs and make a kind-of music video instead. With a tiny crew of just 5 people, the music video cum fashion film was shot in one day on location in Hollywood Hills at a house that reputedly once belonged to the legendary guitarist Jimmy Hendrix. For stylistic reference Anton cites the tradition of wake n’ bake, and by way of explaining how he got involved in this project, he simply says “a lot of ins, a lot of outs, a lot of what-have-you’s”.   

Whatever the cause and however the means, this snippet of a music fashion film encapsulates the spirit of youth that each generation celebrates for a moment before it’s lost to the next.






Full credits: 

Director/ DOP: Anton du Preez / Editor (long version): Mimma Petrovic / Editor (short version): Anton du Preez / AC: Mike Mcmillin / Stylist: Chloe Chippendale / Executive Producer: Kevin Kloecker / Producer: Ryan Curtis / Editor (long version): Mimma Petrovic / Editor (short version): Anton du Preez / Cast: Sierra Prescott, Andrew Byrd, Chance Welton, Eddie Mitsou and Ivy Matheson / Music: Sun Eggs – Sundrench

Between 10 and 5