Not Just Earcandy: 8 Podcasts You Should Be Listening To

Radio is undergoing a renaissance because podcasts have made a comeback in a big way. Unlike tuning into your favourite station during peak hour traffic and being forced to listen to jingles and hit songs you don’t like, the beauty of the podcast is that it allows you to curate personalised playlists from an array of entertaining, enthusing and informing sound snippets on the web. Whether you’re new to the medium or are simply looking for something new to subscribe to, we’ve compiled a list of 8 must-hear local podcasts. Happy listening!

Space Life & Other Dumb Ideas


Spearheaded by Sean Drummond, this listening exprience is “boldly going where no South African podcast has gone before”. If you’re a sci-fi junkie with a sense of humour and wonder about artificial intelligence, artificial empathy, Mad Max, the moral implications of bionics or the likelihood of robot cheetahs, then this is the perfect combination of “kinda dumb, pretty funny, but really kinda smart”.  It’s far from a boring lecture or sounding like a mad professor rattling off rocket science theories in undecipherable jargon. Venture into outer space here.

Kiss and Tell   


Mention the word ‘sex’ and in most scenarios, you’ll have everyone’s attention. For some reason, it’s always more fascinating hearing other people talk about it. In her podcast Kiss & Tell, Laura Windvogel aka Lady Skollie takes us through the world of sex and relationships with her partners/freaks in crime. In the newest episode she discusses the Ashley Madison leak, answers questions in her Auntie Moaner (the Agony Aunt of 2015) section, reads a few submissions of first sexual encounters and tells a story in Lady Skollie Story Time; A Strippers Journey. For the upcoming episode created in partnership with Adult World, she reports directly from Sexpo. Eavesdrop here.

Honeymoon Studios

Honeymoon podcasts

Here’s one for when your mind goes blank at a dinner party, you’re tired of small talk and want to engage in discussions about fascinating things without a heated political or religious debate. Electronic artist Markus Wormstorm produces the cinematic Honeymoon podcast series with stories from insightful guests speaking about what it was like being a drug dealer in the 90s, why people lie about money or how on earth Lesotho came to be. Click here to start an exclusive dinner party with the likes of Max du Preez and Lauren Beukes. 

Tune Me What 


From the guys who made ‘Searching for Sugar Man’ and Roderigeuz a hit with millenials, comes extraordinary podcasts of South African music. Listening to this is like getting lost in your favourite vinyl store. Tune Me What has a huge collection of beats from jazz, to rock, to rave and disco and the best thing is that it’s all local. This is an incredible archive of music history for those who love discovering new sounds. Indulge here.

Talking Heads 


Don’t you just hate it when people say, “Oh, you’re from Africa!”, and then expect you to tell them stories of journeying through the Savannah and warding off lions? We live on a continent that has 54 countries, all of which have diverse cultures and creeds. Talking Heads is a podcast series that aims to showcase and create opportunites for African thought leaders and share knowledge unpacking clichés and investigating misconceptions around Africa’s identity. How does one develop art criticism on the continent? What are some of the trends in African film culture? Click here for the answers.

Quit Safari 


This is a collaboration between Yes in French, Fever Trails, Christian Tiger School, Damascvs, Swishascus and Hessian+. It’s the aural equivalent of a visual mood board where they share music they like and are influenced by through the “fictional character” called Quit Safari. If you’re keen to hear unusual tunes and what piques their ears, tune in here

Writing a New South Africa 


Produced by the BBC, this podcast includes the opinions of legendary South African writers Ivan Vladislavic, Niq Mhlongo and Nadia Davis in discussions led by Joburg street poet, Thabiso Mohare. Embark on a journey where they talk about the impact the changing landscape of Joburg and Cape Town has on its inhabitants. From Braamfontein to the Mother City’s CBD, this is an astute and illuminating listen, if you’re curious how past geography affects your choice of after work hangouts, routes to work and leisure activities. Listen here.

Future Lab Africa

South African Podcasts - 10and5

So, you know that feeling of witnessing art and three days later still wanting to talk about what you saw but everyone just thought it was “interesting” or “nice”? Started by digital artist, Jepchuma, Future Lab Africa aims at engaging the public in continued discussions and nuturing networks of people that extend beyond the walls of the exhibition and termporality of performance. They incorporate research and multidisciplinary methods as the foundation for understanding new African art movements in digital sphere. Be part of the network and here to hear artists talk about the conceptual lenses through which they make their work. 



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