Progress and the Waste It Leaves Behind: A Video Collaboration by Faith 47 and Dane Dodds

Landfill Meditation is a collaborative video by Faith47 and Dane Dodds created for uncomfortable viewing. Although the video is inspired by Faith 47’s street paste series of broken down cars, it doesn’t chronicle the creation of the murals but rather contextualises them – linking the cars to other objects and spaces once loved and desired, and later discarded.

The footage is centered on the concept that waste is left behind after progression, emphasising that cleanliness is just a myth. “This project is reflecting on the notion of progress and the waste that it leaves behind,” says Faith47. “This is about integrating the worst parts of ourselves and acknowledging the damage we do to the planet as a whole.”


Director: Dane Dodds / Assistant director and artist: Faith47 / Music: Sylvan Aztok / Co-editor: Marte Aasen / Male voice: Nigel Penn / Female voice: Nkuli Mlangeni / A White Dwarf Tale




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