SMITH Studio Presents ‘Two’ | A Group Show Exploring Duality in Art

SMITH Studio is currently having their second group show titled Two which consists of a series of paintings – two per artist – displayed as diptychs. The concept came from the realisation that a viewer may interact with a singular artwork on a one-dimensional basis, resulting in a limited perspective of the piece. However, once a second piece is placed next to it, the viewer is able to have a more holistic experience leading to a clearer understanding of the artist’s intention. The idea is that one’s initial perception of the piece becomes rejuvenated. 

Amy Ellenbogen, curator at SMITH, says, “I wanted to explore the notion of duality in subject matter within art. The Pythagorean notion of a dualistic way of life is encompassed in his table of binary oppositions: finite and infinite, odd and even, one and many, right and left, rest and motion, straight and crooked, light and darkness, good and evil.”

Two features a number of emerging artists as well as established artists including Elsabe Milandri, Elize Vossgatter, Karen Cronje, Noeleen Kleve, Sue Kaplan, Thomas Cartwright, Dale Lawrence, Claire Johnson, Franco Fernandes, Renée Rossouw, Jean Matthee, Katherine Bull, Sepideh Mehraban, Lauren Palte, Gabrielle Raaff, Diana Page and Madeline Gorenewald.

View the exhibition at SMITH Studio in Cape Town from 29 September – 17 October.

Franco Fernandes,
Franco Fernandes, Ashley and Mary Kate
Dale Lawrence
Dale Lawrence, Lingering Distraction and Moderate Distraction
Jean Matthee
Jean Matthee, Big in Japan I and Easy Daze
Lauren Palte
Lauren Palte, Constanza and Arnolfini’s Hand
Madeline Groenewald
Madeline Groenewald, Studies on a Jade and Studies on a Sundew
Sue Kaplan
Sue Kaplan, Conversation Piecemeal and Twins
Karen Cronje
Karen Cronje, Paramnesia I and Paramnesia II
Elsabe Milandri
Elsabe Milandri, Terra Firma I and Terra Firma II
Claire Johnson
Claire Johnson, Business Trip and Night Class
Diana Page
Diana Page, Trip and Fleet
Sepideh Mehraban
Sepideh Mehraban, Flag (R)evolution I and Flag (R)evolution II


  1. Some apt reflections on the soul’s inherent dichotomy. I would recommend this exhibition for any ambivalent persons (to wit: everyone).

  2. I am sorry to have missed seeing the show myself. Great concept though and definitely a gallery with a fresh approach in Cape Town.