Ferdinand Van Zyl Directs a Hallucinogenic Video for aKing’s ‘Prey to the Birds’


This year, aKing’s Morning After was awarded a SAMA for best rock album. The music video for the first track ‘Prey to the Birds’ went live today and gave director Ferdinand Van Zyl a chance to experiment in South African new wave cinema. 

What begins as a bland and quiet TV dinner transforms into a trippy journey following a man draped in fairy lights at an abandoned braai scene. Grotesque images of him stumbling through corridors, rolling around a messy kitchen, running in the veld and bathing are spliced with the carcasses of bloody lions, historic disasters and blurred figures. Florescent effects create an intoxicating visual splendour accompanied by an equally engrossing performance by actor De Klerk Oeloefse. 

Their second noir inspired music video for ‘In Loving Memory’ is directed by Barry de Villiers and is due for release later this month. Check out aKing’s website and follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

Here’s what they had to say about the process: 

aKing - Prey to the birds 1

aKing - Prey to the birds 2

aKing - Prey to the birds 3


Written, directed and produced by: Ferdinand Van Zyl / DOP: Neil Oostuizen / Edited by: Barry De Villiers and Ferdinand Van Zyl / Hair, make-up and wardrobe: Nicola Loots / Assistant stylist: Lindi Nieuwoudt / Production assistants, Devon Delmar, Luan Kleingeld and Juliet Godwin / Starring: De Klerk Oelofse, The Band, Jean Middelvinger, Eugene and Jana Claase, Natan Fourie and Merwe le Roux


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