Oh Wow! – Making a Racket, Strange GIFs and Layered Electronica.

Loads of goodies in today’s Oh Wow! Feast your eyes on a beautifully embroidered vintage racket, a preview of an exhibition about creeps, some totally bizarre but delightful illustrated GIFs and listen to Yum Yuck’s first ever release and an EP that’s at once danceable and intriguing.

ONE – An embroidered racket by Danielle Clough, see more fibre art pieces on her site.

what-a-racket Danielle Clough

TWO – The debut release from Yum Yuck, the solo project of Pascal Righini (who also spends his time as the lead singer and guitarist of The Plastics). Look out for his upcoming EP Make Yourself at Home.

THREE – A sneak peek of Creeps, a solo show of original paintings and prints by Amber Smith on at Wolves from 9 – 29 October.



FOUR – A little fashion film for Thoki Tafeni‘s summer collection by Alistair Blair.

FIVEKraftisan has just re-launched with a small starter range including polaroid holders and puzzle-piece pin boards.



SIXmungo‘s second EP, Yextures, which ventures ever so slightly further into the realm of electronica and dance.

SEVEN – Daniel Defty in ‘LSDaisy’, a shoot by the Bratpics420 duo and Michael Oliver.



EIGHT – Strange and playful GIFs illustrated by Tyla Mason



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