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aKing’s ‘In Loving Memory’ | A Poignant Noir Music Video


Barry de Villiers in association with Roundabout Films has directed a dark and poignant music video for the closing track of aKing’s album, The Morning After – the band’s second music video release in two weeks, following the hallucinogenic footage for ‘Prey to the Birds’. Shot in black and white and located in the woods, ‘In Loving Memory’ tells the heartfelt story of two lovers, who have separated and how past experiences blur the reality between real life and dreams. Here’s an extract from the lyrics which inspired visuals:

“Wouldn’t say it to just anyone

Lying on the edge of the bed,

Mind already made up

Leave, I need to leave

Make new roots along the way

Best intentions went to hell and gone

Never felt so right and so damn wrong all at once

Made a narrow escape

From your smothering embrace

In loving memory of what could’ve been

A moment of silence sinks in

Shake me by the shoulders, it‘s only a dream

We carry our homes with us

Salvation is on the run”.

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aKing 'In Loving Memory' 1

aKing 'In Loving Memory' 2

aKing 'In Loving Memory' 3

aKing 'In Loving Memory' 0


Written and directed by: Barry de Villiers / Produced by: Ferdinand van Zyl / Cinematography by: Ebert Steyn / Camera assistant: Neil Oosthuizen / Production assistant: Juliet Godwin / Editor: Barry de Villiers / Cast: Carel Nel and Christine Tesco

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