Mother City Remix | Catherine Rudolph Looks at Cape Town’s Hybridity in Spaces

Catherine Rudolph captures the motifs and details that convey a sense of place in a series of diptychs for her project, Mother City Remix. Most of the photographs were taken in the Bokaap, the CBD, Muizenberg and Woodstock and show off the distinctive architecture, characterful faces, ubiquitous advertising signage and local grit and colour. 

Currently finishing off her Honours in Media and Writing at UCT, Catherine’s Mother City Remix project was born out of a personal response to the tumult of the Rhodes Must Fall movement and the subsequent conversations that it provoked. As much as South Africa is a place of diversity, structural segregation and extreme economic inequality persist. “Western culture has been normalised to the point where every other culture is deemed “colourful” or “exotic”, but still a deviation from the standard,” says Catherine. “The standard has to change.” Using this project as an opportunity to confront the insidious divides that continue to separate us, Catherine’s images are intended to both reflect our diversity as well as highlight a fusion of space and identity.

“Drawing on the documentary mode, the diptychs convey a sense of ‘real life’ but are also constructed: the images are specifically chosen and placed next to one another to invoke a sense of hybridity and complexity,” she explains. “They are also the result of personal and aesthetic explorations of a city in which I have lived my whole life, and tread the line between fine art and documentary photography.”

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