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The Playfully Animated Music Video for John Wizards’ ‘Night Safari’ Remix


South African afro-futurist electronic group John Wizards are known for laying low for indefinite amounts of time, only to rise up unannounced, through the question marks, with something brand new and absolutely brilliant. This time, it’s their remix of Italian DJ and producer Populous’ track ‘Night Safari’.

The remix features on Populous’ new album and comes with an animated music video directed by Simone Brillarelli and illustrated by Jonathan Calugi. The video guides its viewer through an imaginative safari tour through deep jungles, across the sea, and into far flung prehistoric reaches, all set to the sounds of John Wizards’ signature rhythmic drum work and sprightly use of synth.

If you liked this one, be sure to check out their other animated music video for their well-known track ‘Muizenburg’.

John Wizards 2

John Wizards 3

John Wizards 8


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