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#NowPlaying: Songs of Protest

Sing The Chorus Again #FeesMustFall by Olivie Keck

Social movements the world over have always produced a wealth of subsequent music. Over the duration of the #FeesMustFall movement and the ongoing #EndOutsourcing protests, South African musicians have plugged into the online revolution and shown their support in the form of songs and poety that bring together images, news reports, and explosive samples from protest action on the ground. We’ve put together a playlist of these tracks by artists such as The Kiffness, Angel-Ho and Aewon Wolf. 

Trigger warning: Some songs contain sounds of violence/stun grenades.  


  1. Aewon Wolf – Sukumani 2.0 (feat. Mashayabhuqe KaMamba)
  2. Daev Martian – #FEESWiLLFALL
  3. beeyroyce – #FeesMustFall
  4. Angel- Ho – Solidarity
  5. The Kiffness – Voetsek ft. Blade Nzimande
  6. Skhumbuzo Tuswa – NSFAS Never Loved Us
  7. JayTip- #FeesMustFall – Our Voice
  8. BigStar Johnson – #feesMustFall
  9. digitalzkalem – Our Right

Artwork by Olivie Keck

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