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Oh Wow! – A Black Belt Barbie, Hand-Painted Dresses and Colouring In.

Happy Friday! We’re ending this week off with some sweet GIFs, a spontaneous musical collab, a drawing from a colouring book for grown-ups and some abstract, hand painted garments.

ONE – ‘Sweet Motion’ GIFs by Koba Nieuwoudt.

TWO – ‘Black Belt Barbie’, a collaborative track created in five hours by mungo, Albany Lore and Thor Rixon.

THREEAthi-Patra Ruga‘s ‘Miss Azania 2019’.


FOUR – ‘A Seduction of Flowers’ by Rudi de Wet for a grown-up colouring book and an accompanying exhibition. Coloured in by Karen Breytenbach.

Rudi de Wet

FIVE – ‘Side by Side’ by Lou Belchazzer and Lion, released via Bonetown Records.

SIXMissshape‘s new collection of hand-painted dresses, produced in collaboration with abstract painter Danielle Wepener


SEVENItai Hakim feat. The Brother Moves On performing live at Popsicle Studios. See TBMO’s new music video for ‘Shiyanomayini‘.

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