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Yetunde Dada’s New Photo Series Plays With Time

If photographs can be said to arrest every day moments, halting and even altering a particular place in time, then Yetunde Dada is taking it a step further in her latest photo series, ‘Time Doesn’t Exist’.

The Pretoria based photographer is known for her unique take on nightlife and live music photography, but with her latest series, Yetunde’s done something entirely different.

The images play with the concept of time and both bewilder and intrigue. Yetunde juxtaposes composition, colour, and symbolism, all through the timeless medium of 120mm film. Some photographs will draw you in immediately while others require a slight tilt of the head to regain your bearings.



The title itself comes from the 1991 film ‘Slacker’ which Yetunde explains was the inspiration for the series.

“The movie follows a single-day in the life of a group of under-40 misfits located in Austin, Texas in America. At one point a character apologises for being late and that apology is met with the comment, ‘That’s okay, time doesn’t exist.’ This phrase became the basis for this series where I document my life by focussing on things that don’t quite fit and things that do.” 

Time_Doesnt_Exist_by_Yetunde_Dada-6 Time_Doesnt_Exist_by_Yetunde_Dada-8



Yetunde also has a flair for fashion and a unique strength with portraiture. You can view her other work here.

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