A Cinematic Eye: Fausto Becatti’s Evocative Photographs

While Fausto Becatti makes his living through moving images as a commercials director for Bioscope Films, he’s equally passionate about stills photography, counting himself as “obsessed with the way an image can evoke a certain mood or emotion”. His love for imagery (both moving and still) started at a young age. “I’d watch a film and have it completely hijack my mind for a couple days,” he recounts. That feeling – of walking out of a cinema and having his entire being affected – is what he’s crafted his career around. To this day his dream is to shoot feature length films.


It’s not surprising then that his photographs are cinematic in style; each image contains a narrative that could easily slot into something larger, like one frame of a storyboard. When looking back at the body of work he’s accumulated in the past three years, Fausto began to notice inadvertent themes. One that reoccurs particularly often is obscured or distant people whose faces are turned away from the camera or somehow hidden. Another binding factor is his balanced choice of composition, despite his relaxed approach to the medium. He says, “I’ve always shot my photos freely, without trying too hard to plan ahead. I take my camera with me everywhere to the point that when my friends don’t see it with me, they ask me what’s wrong.”

Fausto Becatti  (7)

This spontaneity is in contrast to the way Fausto works as a commercials director, following a process that’s very clear-cut and considered. “There are so many stages to the pre-production process and it takes a rather long time to produce 30 seconds of screen time, often sitting in rooms with many hands stirring the creative pot. I love directing commercials, but you don’t always get to tap directly into your creative spirit. It’s a hugely collaborative process,” he explains. The outlet of photography, on the other hand, relies only on Fausto’s eye – being wholly unrelated to any client or agency. Nothing about this process is over-considered or laborious; he reacts immediately to the world around him, finding moments of unforced beauty and mysterious allure in everyday life.

See more of Fautso’s photography here, or follow him on Instagram.

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