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A Fantastical Lookbook for Playgroup’s ‘In My Dreams I Am OK’

Frankie Nassimbeni’s Playgroup is an alchemy of multidisciplinary artists, who under his directorship merge fantastical design with enchantingly poetic performances. Their rehearsal process is like a contemporary reworking of the Dadaist’s Law of Chance, whereby a public Facebook group invites anyone interested in flexing their artistic muscles to perform or contribute towards the play – either through providing resources, script writing or design. 

His receptiveness towards the unpredictable nature of collaboration has resulted in refreshing work that is humorous and appeals to anyone who is au fait with meme culture and profound ideologies that have been misused, over quoted and become popular buzzwords such as ‘post-modern’. 

Chloe Cattin wearing Richard De JagerSesane Sealy 2 wearing Richard De Jager

The lookbook for In My Dreams I Am Ok takes inspiration from the “emerging internet aesthetic of appropriation and juxtaposition”, Frankie explains. The sculptural style with a monochromatic palette has transformed the performers into phantasmagorical creatures – the kind we might conjure in our dreams. Of the process he said:

“The costume and décor aesthetic is devised and improvisational. All visual elements start off as proposals which are either discarded, or developed. What has helped me with this is a departure from planning – with no ‘ideal’ aesthetic presupposed, my collaborators are able to create using intuition. I’ve been a die-hard fan of both Richard De Jager and Heath Nash for years, and hold them both in high esteem as artists and thinkers. Both are instrumental in achieving the departure from the real I seek to communicate.”

In My Dreams I Am OK is playing at The Bindery on Hiddingh Campus from the 26 – 30 November. Find more info on Facebook.

Zac Fleishman wears Richard De JagerSesane Sealy wearing Richard De JagerRosa-Karoo LoeweOlivia Fischer wearing Richard De JagerEdward Berridge 3 wears Richard De JagerChloe Cattin and Jason PotgieterAndi Colombo wears Richard De JagerTsatsi Rugege wearing Richard De Jager modifiedfull cast


Presented by: The Playgroup and UCT Drama / Photography: Frankie Nassimbeni / Design and Styling: Richard De Jager / Decor: Heath Nash / Performers: Edward Berridge, Chloe Cattin, Sesane Sealy, Tsatsi Rugege, Rosa-Karoo Loewe, Zac Fleishman, Olivia Fischer, Andi Colombo and Jason Potgieter

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