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Help a brother out: DJ Spoko needs our help

Marvin Ramalepe, better know as DJ Spoko and pioneer of the Bacardi House sound and being part of Spoek Mathambo’s supergroup Fantasma, needs all our help. The electronic producer and DJ fell seriously ill recently whilst on tour in Europe and has been hospitalised in the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital in Glasgow. Marvin has been receiving treatment for chronic TB over the last 3 weeks, and thankfully, is now back in a stable condition. Upon his release from hospital on Monday, Marvin needs to raise funds to return home to South Africa. Whilst in Ward 5C, Marvin recorded a new Special Edition EP, which is now for sale via his Bandcamp page. All proceeds from the sale of this album will go towards the ‘Spoko Foundation’ and help him return home. Oncer safely back on South African soil, Marvin plans to educate people about TB.  

Listen to and buy DJ Spoko’s Special Edition EP here! 

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