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Sean Metelerkamp’s ‘Street Melodies Eternal’ | Part 2: New York

Now that we’ve watched Sean Metelerkamp‘s jarring, strangely beautiful and deeply affecting film of Cape Town’s marginalised, he’s released the second episode of Street Melodies Eternal. Filmed between 2011 and 2012 with a GoPro Hero2, the clip looks at New York in five periods.

Here’s what Sean had to say about the experience:

“Most of my interactions with the homeless were war veterans (from the Vietnam era to Iraq) who suffer from post-traumatic stress and so turn to self medication with illegal drugs or prescription drugs (America is really good at distributing the latter). Because of the drugs, Christian eschatology enforcing the ongoing idea of the ‘Rapture’, heavy police presence and reduced civil liberties and freedom in the name of an expanded security state, paranoia is heightened and talk of the end of the world is common, along with fear of authorities or the ‘all seeing eye’. There were more mentally ill ramblers than 24 hour inebriated alcoholic stumblers as in South Africa. And those ‘loonies’ are not catered for once they are back home and have lost a piece or part of their lives after eliminating other random lives in a foreign country. Though maybe they got a badge of honour for being brave. America: land of the free? Home of the brave?”

Watch Street Melodies Eternal x Cape Town and read more about the series here, and keep an eye out for the third and final instalment filmed in London next week.

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