Maximum Chill: The Lookbook for Youth’s Spring ’15 ‘Holidaze’ Collection

Cape Town street wear label Youth have shared a very chill lookbook for their spring 15 ‘Holidaze’ collection, which includes limited runs of casual basics like horizontally striped tees, loose fitting suit pants and a zip-collar jacket. The range takes aesthetic inspiration from 90s era movies like Kids and Dazed and Confused. A house in Kalk Bay and the surrounding neighbourhood was chosen as the location for the lookbook shoot, which is based around leisurely holiday activities.

Youth is stocked in Boaston Society and their next pop-up will be at Sneaker Exchange in CT.

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Youth 'Holidaze' 1Youth 'Holidaze' 2Youth 'Holidaze' 4Youth 'Holidaze' 9Youth 'Holidaze' 11Youth 'Holidaze' 8Youth 'Holidaze' 6Youth 'Holidaze' 7Youth 'Holidaze' 12Youth 'Holidaze' 15Youth 'Holidaze' 10

Lookbook by Humans Being.

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