Crystal Birch’s Colourful ‘Kaleido’ Hat Collection Is Inspired by Three Local Artists

Crystal Birch unveiled her ‘Kaleido’ collection of woven hats at the launch of Work Shop New Town on Wednesday night, a centre which brings over 100 local fashion, design and lifestyle brands together under one roof. Inspired by the work of friends who are local makes, this range is Crystal’s first commercial millinery venture – following on from inventive collections like ‘B@N@N@S‘ and ‘Celestia‘.

‘Kaleido’ features the characterful faces of Laura Windvogel aka Lady $kollie, jewellery designer Kara Furter from Matter of Fakt, and multi-disciplinary artist Jake Michael Singer. Pairing up with these muses adds a new dimension to the project, as each artist will produce an object in their field to compliment the collection as a future extension of the collaboration.

The collection includes hats crafted from silk straw sisal in a boater style and they come in 9 seasonal colours, which represent different facets of each of the people they were inspired by. “They look very classic, but I love the traditional being reimagined in a pallete of new, bright colour,” Crystal says.

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Hats and art direction: The Real Crystal Birch / Studio manager: Sheila-Madge Bakker / Photographer: Ross Garrett at Lampost Productions / Photography assistant: Ed Blignaut

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