Local design features in the Heineken® Next Level Bar

From conception to execution, the Heineken® Next Level Bar is designed to elevate and inspire everyone who enters the space to take things to the next level. We recently caught up with the team behind the bar design who spoke about the innovative spatial elements, materials and construction of the space. Now we’re taking a closer look at the next level design elements that will bring the interior of the bar to life, inspired by the sleek new 330ml Cool Can, and set the scene for the coolest pop-up spot in Jozi.

In selecting designers to use for the bar interior, Juaan Ferreira of Sonic State explains that they were looking for designers with an “urban and progressive” aesthetic to match the brand ethos and the edgy urban setting of the bar. 

Four key design pieces were selected from four leading local designers. 

Atang Tshikare was the perfect choice as a surface designer Juaan says. “His architectural, intriguing graphic work allows for a strong black wall feature running the length of the Next level container and the ceiling”.

Atang Tshikare

Laurie Wiid’s Cork and Concrete Stools lend an urban masculine quality to the space, which works well with the overall design. The concrete matches other design elements and is perfectly offset by the warmer, softer cork. These are paired with Joe Paine’s Paperclip Chairs, which continue the masculine feel, but incorporate a slender feminine quality that works well adjacent to Laurie’s more robust stools.

WiidJoe Paine 2

The Next Level Bar wouldn’t be complete without including the work of design duo Dokter and Misses. Their on-trend black steel and ceramic Sad Lamps are a gentle feature against Atang’s wallpaper, and the Hang Trays mimic the seat form of Joe’s Paperclip chairs and add a bright yellow punch of colour to the moody, urban space. 

Dokter + Misses 2

Inspired by these local design legends? Want to present your creative work inside the Next Level Bar? Show us how you #OpenNextLevel with your creativity and stand a chance to win a trip to Milan Design Week. 

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