Sean Metelerkamp’s ‘Street Melodies Eternal’ | Part 3: London

Sean Metelerkamp’s ‘Street Melodies Eternal’ | Part 3: London

In the third and final instalment of Sean Metelerkamp‘s chaotic Street Melodies Eternal film series we’re transported to London with shaky GoPro footage of cultural landmarks and frank encounters with locals.

Sean reflects on his time in London:

“Many people that I chatted with choose to be homeless by stepping outside of the system or societal pressures. Or they were facing a major crisis, be it relationship or work related. Smart men and women, well spoken with sharp opinions on the current state of their country. Spoke of social cleansing and illegal immigrants. As though the rich are disgusted by the homeless and illegal immigrants and would love it if they were all rounded up, put in a container and dropped into the ocean.”

Read more and watch the Cape Town and New York editions of ‘Street Melodies Eternal’.

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