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Maramza’s Collaborative, Kwaaiwave Inspired EP, ‘Low Magic’

South African DJ and producer Maramza is back with another bass, kwaito and distinctly kwaaiwave inspired EP.

For those of you who don’t know Maramza, he’s the second moniker of Red Bull Studios manager Richard Rumney, following Richard The Third. His sound is based on, and grown from afro-centric bass filtering out from more traditional styles of house and kwaito.


Titled Low Magic, his latest EP sees him teaming up with some big name South African vocalists, namely BOOLZ, Bonj Mpanza, and Moonchild on a six piece collection of slow moving, enthralling, and heavily oscillating beats.

The two instrumental tracks, ‘Feral’ and ‘5 Tiger’, are perhaps the best examples of Maramza’s signature drum beats, euphorically short sharp synth, and infectious, conversational sampling. They’re two of the higher tempo beats on the EP and do well to break up the variety of vocal heavy tracks that introduce and end off Low Magic.  

Moonchild and Maramza are always a brilliant combination, and Low Magic revisits their old collaboration ‘Inkwenkwezi (Star)’ as well as features a new one, ‘Poison’ which makes use of cyclical synth, interspersed with bass-heavy breaks kept in line by Moonchild’s cool, calm lyrical flow.

All in all, the EP serves as a good reminder of the power of collaboration in South Africa’s ever shifting and expanding soundscape, while at the same time, demonstrates Maramza’s versatility and ingenuity in a genre that’s fast breaking into the broader national, and even international market.

Maramza will be performing at Garden Turnip this weekend at The Work Hub in Woodstock.

Follow more of his music here and keep up to date with his shows here.  

Low Magic EP artwork by Nena Maree.  

maramza 2


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