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A Textured Lookbook for London Based Label De Rien Uses Jozi as a Backdrop

The Binary, a SA-UK Seasons project focusing on the fashion industry, is an exchange programme connecting creative entrepreneurs. For this year’s collaboration they cultivated a partnership between Johannesburg based label Missshape and London based label De Rien.    

In October, we featured the hand painted dresses Jamal Nxedlana of Missshape created for the project in our weekly Oh Wow! round up. Also part of The Binary collab, Jamal Nxedlana brought Cosmo Wise and Olubiyi Thomas of De Rien to South Africa for a fashion shoot produced by Vatic Studio. De Rien’s clothing is made out of vintage and salvaged materials which emphasises their principle of creating ‘quality, original and sustainable’ garments. So much so, each piece carries a lifetime repair guarantee.

The shoot acts as a historical tour of Johannesburg, with a story behind every location. For instance, the bar that features was established in 1888 to serve the growing population of gold miners in Johannesburg at the time.

To culminate The Binary’s creative exchange both parties were given an opportunity to curate an industry tour which saw them attending trade meetings, doing studio visits and getting an in-depth look into one another’s creative processes. 


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