Funderlust Takes Over the Next Level Bar for an Experimental Zine-Making Session

On Saturday, 5 December Jess Jardim-Wedepohl and friends took over Heineken®’s trendy Next Level Bar in Braamfontein, inspired by the sleek new 330ml Cool Can, for a collaborative zine-making extravaganza. Following the format of the first Funderlust session hosted in April this year, the raw ingredients were: a group of illustrators and designers, a mishmash of paper in various sizes and weights, plenty of art supplies, and some beer to keep the creative juices flowing.

After the rapid-fire drawing session, each participant received scans or copies of all the material generated to re-work, annotate and curate as they choose – the results of which we’re eager to see.

Jess says, “Collaborative zines are not a new thing at all, but what makes the difference with Funderlust is that each person involved in creating the material gets to curate their own version of the final product. Each person’s brain forms connections and patterns in a very different way, all based around their own experiences – it’s amazing to me that two creatives, given the exact same raw materials, can each produce something completely different.”

During Saturday’s Funderlust jam we popped in to snap a few pics of the works-in-progress. Take a look:

Funderlust 2Funderlust 11Funderlust 7Funderlust 3Funderlust 9Funderlust 5Funderlust 1Funderlust 4Funderlust 8Funderlust 10Funderlust 12

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