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Ian Jepson’s Adventurous New Poster Series for Seoul Escape Room

You’ve probably seen the work of graphic designer and illustrator Ian Jepson before, likely through one of his numerous events posters on the streets of Cape Town or circulating social media. Maybe it was his use of multi-textured imagery or electric, animated colour. Perhaps his custom type designs caught your eye.

If you’re a gamer in South Korea, you may have encountered his latest poster designs for an escape game company in Seoul. But that’s a bit unlikely, so you can check out his latest poster series here.

Having been contacted by Seoul Escape Room, Ian was tasked with designing a series of murder mystery and riddle solving style game posters. The games see players being imprisoned in Alcatraz dungeons, escaping death in low lit jazz bars, and exploring ancient museums. The resultant work carries much of Ian’s signature aesthetic, but also sees him branching out into wider stylistic and conceptual realms.  

The series took him about five weeks to complete and was an adventurous task. “These posters were a little different in that they were specifically based on old EC Comic covers from the 40s and 50s,” he says. “It was really fun to conceptualise the ideas by trying to imagine how it would look if they’d been drawn by guys like Johnny Craig and Al Feldstein. They also involved way more reference than my usual posters, so I ended up taking a load of my own photos to help, even getting friends to recreate the poses.”

The project also saw Ian working with type in a language that was foreign to him, but one that he took to quickly. “You have to regard the characters as simple shapes when illustrating them. It was also important to understand how the titles would read so I knew where to break lines and which words to emphasise. I’ve got a new appreciation for the Korean language now!”  

You can see more of Ian’s work on his Tumblr, Behance, and website.


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