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A Next Level Sensory Experience: Edible Music

What happens when you combine Electroencephalography, an electronic music producer and a gastronomical chef? A next level sensory experiences which Heineken® is calling Edible Music.

So how does this work? Mark Drummond at Neural Sense explains that Electroencephalography (EEG) measures the electrical activity on the surface of the scalp. Using a next level EEG device to read the voltage fluctuations that occur as a result of ionic currents that flow within the neurons of the brain, Neural Sense is able to process the frequency data into metrics that relate to indicators of Memorability, Emotional Arousal and Approach (appetite appeal).

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Heineken® invited music producer Nicolaas van Reenen a.k.a. Fever Trails and chef Jade de Waal to embark on a next level sensory experiment with the aim of converting flavours into measurable brain waves and translating this into sound waves to create music. To achieve this Jade cooked up three next level taste profiles, with Heineken® as the fourth. Wearing the EEG device, Nicolaas was exposed to the various taste sensory experiences and Neural Sense measured his emotional and cognitive response. Using the neurofeedback and biometric data from this session, Nicolaas transformed the taste experience into a next level audio experience – turning “brain waves” and “heart-rate waves” into “sound waves”.

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On Wednesday 9 December visitors to the Heineken® Next Level Bar in Braamfontein will be able to #OpenNextLevel and experience Edible Music for themselves. Not only will Nicolaas’ neuro-soundscape be playing in the bar, but a select number of visitors will have the opportunity to repeat this next level neural-sensory experiment and add new sound waves to the live Edible Music track.

This next level idea came about by researching ways to allow people to experience art using multiple senses. Synthetic synaesthesia emerged as the key to unlocking the next level of creative experience.

Experience Edible Music for yourself in the Heineken® Next Level Bar on Wednesday 9 December. There will be four sessions with 10 guests per session at 3pm, 4pm, 7pm and 8pm. The innovative Next Level Bar is designed to emulate the sleek new 330ml Cool Can.

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