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The Parcel

One Trick Pony’s Award-Winning Short Film, ‘The Parcel’ Explores the Sinister Side of Voyeurism

Suspenseful and foreboding, One Trick Pony‘s second short film, The Parcel, tells the story of a man who collects a strange gift from the post office. Without dialogue but with a haunting score and beautifully composed shots, the film takes viewers on an eerily voyeuristic journey making them complicit in the story. Created by photographer Hayden Phipps and fine artist Brett Williams, the film won the Audience Award at the Shnit Short Film Festival and demonstrates the duo’s ability to tell stories of universal appeal. Even though we live in a time where for ordinary people harmless online stalking is a mundane habit, when demonstrated in actuality, the notion of being watched by mysterious forces reveals a much darker and sinister reality. 


Concept and writer: Hayden Phipps / Direction: Hayden Phipps and Brett Williams/  Cinematography: Elden von Aswegen and Hayden Phipps / Cast: Rory Acton Burnell and Greig Stewart Rogers

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