Youthful and Jozi-Inspired: Kajama Is Hosting a Fashion Jam to #OpenNextLevel

Nongoma Ndolvu is the talented lady behind Kajama, a line of clothing designed and manufactured in Jozi. The label is known for its one-off piece made using rare fabrics and prints to give each customer something totally unique.

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Born in Hamburg, Germany, Nongoma was raised between South Africa, Switzerland and Zimbabwe. She took over Kajama from her mother in 2013, taking it to the next level by turning it from a handbag label into a clothing brand with a distinctly fresh and youthful edge.

The contrast between the townships, the suburbs and the city plays a pivotal role in Nongoma’s design process. She’s also inspired by her arts education and the current social climate, saying, “At art school I was exposed to art, drama, dance and music. These forms of self-expression as well as social issues in the world today influence me. I think fashion is the perfect space to fuse all of that.”

On Friday, 11 December from 2 – 5pm Nongoma is going to be at the Heineken® Next Level Bar in Braamfontein. In the space, which takes its aesthetic inspiration from the new 330ml Cool Can, she’ll be presenting Kajama’s new range of tees, dresses and jackets. There will also be a print-making workshop on the go as part of a fashion collab with her sister, and another surprise you’ll have to be there to experience.

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