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Veranda Panda’s New Dance Inspired EP, ‘Cobus’

Durban-grown musical duo, Veranda Panda are back with a brand new, free EP, complete with their signature violin infused electronica and a new music video that takes you on an animated walk through Durban.

The six track EP is named after a friend of the group, ‘Cobus’. Why? “Because Cobus is a lakka guy!” says one half of the group, Liam Magner. Their latest release is a mixed bag, featuring a number of experimental tracks for the duo, but overall, has a distinctly funk and swing inspired sound to it, leaning more to the side of a dance EP. 


“The Cobus EP is like a box of smarties. Or actually more like your bag of sweets when you walk out of Sweets from Heaven,” says violinist Jane Baillie. “All the tracks are pretty different, but very happy, and we just made things that we like. It’s very varied because it feels like a bit of a transitional EP for us, our sound is changing a lot and I think people will hear that on the different tracks on the EP, but hopefully the fact that the tracks are all different will mean that there’s hopefully something there for everyone.” 

Adding to Veranda Panda’s eclectic mix on ‘Cobus’ are a number of collaborations. ‘Marlon Brando’, with its lively keys and glitch heavy beats, is accompanied by Portia Nje’s resounding, soul-soaked vocals, and Shani Davies’ cool, sultry accompaniment on ‘Dopamine’ adds beautifully to the summertime track.

The music video for ‘Dopamine’ is illustrated and animated by graphic artist Luke Molver, and sees a young woman trailing through the streets of Durban, sipping on something good and following the beat. “We wanted to do something a little different, but also something that was very us and very Durban,” says Jane. “We’ve known Luke for years (Liam even went to school with him) and we dig his vibe. He was great to work with because with him knowing us and being from Durbs, he understood the direction we were going in.” 

This is Veranda Panda’s fifth EP, following their 2014 release of ‘The Rap EP’. You can check out their music here and keep up to date with them here.

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