Watch: Inside the Broken Monsters Charity Art Show, Brought to You by Nando’s

Nando’s recent hosting of the Broken Monsters Charity Art Show in Cape Town and Johannesburg was a big, beautiful, generous success. The exhibition raised funds to gift more than 40 000 storybooks to kids in South Africa who don’t have any.

Curated by Jacki Lang, the show featured artworks made by emerging and established African artists on pages torn from Broken Monsters, the most recent thriller by Lauren Beukes. More than 300 artworks were created especially for this exhibition and donated by the artists to sell for R1500 a piece. Nando’s Art Initiative sponsored the events so that 100% of funds raised could go to Book Dash in order to print exceptional illustrated books and distribute them to children around SA. These books themselves are a labour of love by talented volunteer creative professionals including writers, illustrators, designers, editors etc. Book Dash believes every child in South Africa should own 100 books by the time they’re five, and are on a mission to make this happen.

At both exhibitions – the Cape Town exhibition in The Glass Box in Harrington Street and the Johannesburg exhibition at Nando’s Central Kitchen – there were high-spirited queues before the doors opened and a happy scramble as buyers rushed to find an artwork by their artist crush. Heike Allerton-Davies, Liza Grobler, Frank van Reenen, Paul Senyol, Sanell Aggenbach Kilmany-Jo Liversage, Karlien de Villiers, Elize Vossgatter, Conrad Botes, Richard Scott, Frans Smit, Lorenzo Nassimbeni were just some of the names amongst the exciting list of contributors.  

Watch the video below for the inside story.

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