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#NowPlaying: Songs To Drive To

#NowPlaying - Songs to drive to 3

It’s summertime and most holiday-makers are already packing their bags, loading up their cars, and leaving the city for more picturesque and relaxing destinations.

Whether you’re travelling between cities, going on a day trip, or simply piling into a car with friends for a few hours at the beach, we’ve compiled a playlist full of local music to drive to.

Featuring the likes of Okmalumkoolkat, Jumping Back Slash, Zaki Ibrahim and Sol Gems, the playlist includes a mixture of slow, summertime sounds, melodic, vocal based songs to sing along to, and a few upbeat tracks to keep you going on those longer trips.


  1. Mungo — Ess Dee
  2. John Wizards — Lusaka By Night
  3. Original Swimming Party — Requiem
  4. OKmalumkoolkat — Siyagunda (Ganja Remix)
  5. Nonku Phiri — Things We Do On The Weekend
  6. Al Bairre — Let’s Fall In Love Some More
  7. Sakawa Boys — Lazy Eys
  8. Fantasma —  Eye Of The Sun
  9. Felix Laband — Ding Dong Thing
  10. Jumping Back Slash — Horses
  11. Zaki Ibrahim — Ansomnia
  12. Sol Gems — Standing With the Sun

Cover art and header image by Caroline Mackintosh

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