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Sebastian Borckenhagen’s Playful and Emotive Zine ‘A New Kind of Problem’

Sebastian Borckenhagen doodles for a living. His drawings are methodical and considered, often the result of repeated improvisations that present themselves in intricate and almost mesmerising patterns. He is also an illustrator and animator who has done work on music videos, album covers, comic books, and has run a series of zine making workshops in Cape Town.

More recently, the artist has brought out a new zine called A New Kind of Problem which makes use of vibrant drawings to set up emotive situations where problems are being solved, conflict is being dealt with, and people are trying to make sense of it all.

Sebastian explains that this new zine is partly a follow up joke to an earlier zine called Problems. Problems was half of a pair of zines that I made and sold at the same time. The other was titled Annihilation, which was two stories only with a colour cover,” he says. “The stories were very sentimental and about depression, but it was done in a fun sort of way.”

This element of playfulness is something inherent in Sebastian’s work and shines through brilliantly in his latest work. “Playfulness for me is a part of making work that’s kind. I like to think that the stories being told in these drawings are kind to the people in them, that they’re being taken seriously even if they come across a bit ridiculous or dramatic.”

Want to see more of Sebastian’s zine? Copies of A New Kind of Problem are on sale at the Book Lounge in Cape Town CBD and Blank Books in Woodstock.

Also check out his Tumblr for a collection of his work.

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