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Myra (not her real name) | A Heroic Film by Dave Meinert

There’s the saying that dog is man’s best friend but now and then, these oft beloved companions surpass cliché and become heroes exhibiting unprecedented courage and resilience. Myra is one such dog. After reading about her in a Facebook post, Dave Meinert was instantly compelled to make a film to tell the story. In August last year, an armed man entered her family’s property and fatally wounded the parents of the household. Without hesitation, Myra bravely shielded the rest of her family and took the last bullet that shattered her leg beyond repair. 

Thanks to her loving family and the free care provided by the SPCA, she received emergency surgery and has adjusted to walking on three legs. The film was shot in one day for the Cape of Good Hope SPCA. Dave says, “It’s about dogs, their nature and how we treat them. By constantly giving them human-like qualities, we’re reminded that they are sentient beings. The hope is that this makes us think carefully about how we treat animals, while at the same time not forcing out a message.”

To view more inspiring work, visit Dave’s website.


Film by MacDuff Films / Director: Dave Meinert / DP: Devin Toselli / Editor: William Kalmer / Colorist: Nic Apostli / Final mix: Sean Jefferis / Music: Eland Gray & Clare Vandeleur /  Special thanks: Toyah, Michelle and the rest of Panavision Cape Town

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