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Lance Herman

#NowPlaying: ‘A Dream in the Night’ by Lance Herman

Singer-songwriter Lance Herman is known for his soulful sound and lyrics which take the listener on an intimate aural journey through an all-consuming sonic environment. “It’s kinda like, if I was shooting video clips on my old cell phone before, things are more full-scale and almost cinematic now, and the intention is to take the audience on a trip, not just recite songs, but allow ourselves as musicians to go on a journey with the audience, through the music – to somewhere only the night will find out”, he says.

Lance curated this playlist for us ahead of his performance at the Alexander Bar Upstairs Theatre on 28 January. Here’s what he had to say about the selection: “These are some songs I’ve assembled which speak to music that is currently influencing the sound and dreamscapes of a hip-hop, jazz, lyrical singer-songwriter; it’s also nice to start using Soundcloud as a mood board; both for internal and public use. Enjoy!”.

Lance Herman

‘We’re Running Out of Time’

Lance Herman


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Art by Lance Herman.

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