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Photographers: Submit a Story That Reflects the Nuanced Experiences of Africans

Launched originally in 2009, iVisible is back and open for submissions. The platform finds its home on the Invisible Borders trans African photography website, where it exists to share stories of Africans, by Africans, on the continent and in the greater diaspora.

Seeking to strike a balance between Africa as it is perceived and Africa in reality, iVisible is calling for photo stories that truly reflect the experiences and nuances of Africans.

An excerpt from the website reads, “iVisible takes its life from the work of the organisation across Africa where we witness stories that can be told only by the witnesses. We understand that it is the person who directly experiences an event that is best suited for its narration. In this regard iVisible is news, reflection, and narrative.” 

Such a City - Yaounde, Cameroon - Lilian Novo Isioro - IB 2012

‘Such a City’ – Yaounde, Cameroon – Lilian Novo Isioro

How it works:

Every month the top 3 submissions will be featured on the Invisible Borders website as part of the iVisible project. The project will aslo culminate as an annual photo book comprised of 36 photo stories. Two entries will be singled out for the iVisble Award and the iVisble Special Prize.

iVisible accepts submission of photographs which relay stories related to continental African and African diaspora realities. Submissions are limited to one photograph per entry with no more than 500 words. Submit your entry here.

'Foreman 25' - Addis Ababa Ethiopia - Ray Daniels Okeugo

‘Foreman 25’ – Addis Ababa Ethiopia – Ray Daniels Okeugo

Fear Woman | Kumasi | Charles Okereke.| IB2010

‘Fear Woman’ – Kumasi – Charles Okereke

Twin Walk II Emeka Okereke ,Khartoum Sudan 2011

‘Twin Walk II’ – Khatroum Sudan – Emeka Okereke

Khartoum Day 2, Jumoke Sanwo, Khartoum Sudan 2011

‘Khartoum Day 2’ – Khartoum Sudan – Jumoke Sanwo

Custom Control II, Matema Borders, Emeka Okereke, Ethiopia 2011

‘Custom Control II – Matema Borders – Emeka Okereke

'A day in Marche Centrale' - Yaounde, Cameroun - Jide Odukoya

‘A day in Marche Centrale’ – Yaounde, Cameroun – Jide Odukoya

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