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Watch the Beautifully Dreamy Video for Branko’s ‘Let Me Go’ featuring Nonku Phiri

Around July of last year, Lisbon based musician Branko brought out the sultry and entrancing track ‘Let Me Go’ which features San Francisco born Mr. Carmack and South African vocalist, Nonku Phiri. Coming off Branko’s album, Atlas, ‘Let Me Go’ is a dreamy track with rising keys and burgeoning synth that provides the perfect platform for Nonku’s gentle vocals, sung in both English and Venda.


Now, through the collective conception of Nonku and director Francisco Neffe, the song has been brought to visual life in a beautiful tapestry of Johannesburg cityscapes, vibrant characters, and shrewd use of colour throughout. The video features the unrivaled talents of Soweto’s Skeleton Pantsula and Orange Farm’s Real Action pantsula crews who perform near hypnotic moves, highlighted through intimate lighting and framework.

Overall, the piece is a perfect example of what can come to fruition when directors and musicians join strengths from a video’s inception. Branko’s music has also seen local love in the form of a remix by Jumping Back Slash, and a collaboration with Okmalumkoolkat.

Watch the video below and listen to the rest of Branko’s album here.


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