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Cape Town Openings

Openings this Week: Cape Town | Sound Installation, Emoji-Inspired Art and a Free Gig

This week we hear Roger Young talk about indie filmmaking, listen to sound artist James Webb’s latest installations, and view the bold work of Cameron Platter. With four exhibition openings and a free concert on Sunday, not to mention interactive events of Creative Nestlings and Pecha Kucha, there’s loads to see and do in the Mother City.

Tuesday, 26 January:

Pecha Kucha

Not your average boardroom pitch, Pecha Kucha, hosted by Assembly, is where creatives flex their presentation muscles. Each participant has 6 minutes and 40 seconds to talk you through their work. Casual, interactive and relaxed, it’s a becoming environment to strike up informal conversations with other creatives. See Facebook for more details

Cape Town Openings

Wednesday, 27 January:

The Fox, the Owl and the Robber

Head to Salon 91 to view Sarah Pratt’s solo exhibition with 5 strange, central characters including a fox puppet, an owl man and a dog. When creating her work, Sarah positions herself as a social anthropologist in an imaginary fairytale-like village, enabling the incorporation of things that interest her. For more info on her waggish and whimsical third solo exhibtion, click here

Cape Town Openings

The End is the Beginning is the End

This group exhibition at 99 Loop delves into the themes of possibility, the idea of movement, change and the future. View new and traditional media work by Fayrooz Abader, Heidi Fourie, Jac Hamman, David Theron and Ben Winfield. See Facebook for more. 

Cape Town Openings


At 15 Arthur’s Road, Seapoint you can give gifs the credit they deserve by viewing an exhibition that celebrates this internet phenomena. Dancing bananas, space cats and Russian brides are in the mix. Visit Facebook for more. 

Thursday, 28 January:

Ecstatic Interference

Visit Blank Projects to listen to James Webb’s latest solo exhibition. He’s created 3 new sound installations: a multi-channel, monolithic speaker stack, a stereo array, and a single-channel Holosonic audio beam which together explore inter-relational dynamics, somatic energy and psychological phenomena. Click here for more. 

'Process still of recording session with Zami Mdingi, photograph by Jonx Pillemer, 2016'.

Process still of recording session with Zami Mdingi (photograph by Jonx Pillemer)

Cameron Platter’s solo exhibition

With three *shocked emojis* Cameron Platter has titled his new collection of work at WHATIFTHEWORLD. If names like ‘Coke & Rum’, ‘Waterfalls’ and ‘Bark Bark Chicken’ aren’t enough to get you there, we recommend you take a look see at his bright, abrasive mixed media works. Visit WHATIFTHEWORLD to read his emoji-filled manifesto. 

Cape Town Openings

Saturday, 30 January:

The Rise of Young Black/Brown Photographers

Creative Nestlings presents its first episode in a series exploring the work of local young photographers. A mini photo exhibition, short film, panel and audience conversation allow you to share each artist’s work and engage with their journeys. This week check out the photography of Nigel Zhuwaki, Tsocu Maela, Rizqah Dollie, Thembela “Nymless” Ngayi and Neo Mokgosi. Want to know, when and where? Click here

Cape Town Openings

Sunday, 31 January:

The Rudimentals, Sweet Resistance and Jimmy Nevis

This concert is part of the Concerts in the Park series. Pack a picnic basket and go with family and friends to listen to the sounds of local favorites. The best part, besides the music, is that it’s free! For details visit Facebook.

Cape Town Openings

Think Up at Alexander Bar

This Sunday, Alexander Bar is hosting filmmaker and writer Roger Young, whose talk, ‘How Stories of Broken Today Make for a Brighter Tomorrow’ will highlight some of the challenges faced by indie film-makers and how we need to turn away from creating work that relies on emotional bankruptcy, rather than truth. For 40 minutes, Roger will provide audience members with insights into the SA film industry and how his stories arm him against despair. Visit their website to book tickets.

Cape Town Openings

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