Tawfeeq Martin’s Radiant Photo Essay of Cape Town’s Annual Minstrel Festival

With a history that dates back to the late 1880s, Cape Town’s Kaapse Klopse festival or “Tweede Nuwe Jaar” (Second New Year) brings colour, culture and music to the streets of Cape Town. Thousands of minstrels come out on the 2nd of January to celebrate the New Year in grand fashion. Delighting festival goers of all ages, the minstrels joyfully sway their colourful umbrellas, sing, dance and strum their instruments as they make their way down the streets of Cape Town. 

Despite attempts to silence this year’s street parade, about 60 troupes gathered to celebrate the annual minstrel festival. Tawfeeq Martin was there to capture the festivities as the Klopse ushered in the new year with the vibrancy of glistening brass, Ghoema drums, caricature moves and radiant outfits. 

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