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GANGSTAR: A Fresh Start for Inmates through Fashion and Design

GANGSTAR Enterprises is a social initiative that works with inmates at Drakenstein Correctional Services in-prison and upon their release to help them transform their lives and become GANGSTARS: urban heroes who impact society positively. Through employment opportunities, up-skilling and mentoring, ex convicts are given the support they need to start a new life and contribute to their community.

Part of the initiative involves a series of creative workshops inside the prison between the inmates and illustrators and designers who have volunteered their time and expertise. The outcome of these workshops will be to extract stories from the inmates that will inspire artwork which will adorn a new uni-sex streetwear range made in collaboration with Magents Clothing. This will then itself become a micro-enterprise to provide jobs for rehabilitated gangsters. 

Through an in-prison programme, a few young men are given a chance to break free from gangsterism, prison, drugs, violence and poverty of the mind. 

Are you a designer or illustrator who’d be willing to share your skills to give others a second chance? 
Email Warren Lodge or head over to www.gangstar-ent.org for more info.  

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